Multiprocessor scheduling with interprocessor communication delays

Chung Yee Lee*, Jing Jang Hwang, Yuan Chieh Chow, Frank D. Anger


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We consider the problem of scheduling a set of n partially ordered tasks on m identical processors in order to minimize the makespan, where there is a communication delay between any pair of distinct processors. This problem is NP-hard. We provide a heuristic algorithm, call it Earliest Ready Task (ERT) algorithm, to solve the problem. Among all tasks whose parent tasks have been assigned, an ERT algorithm is one that always chooses one task that can be processed earliest. We show that the makespan M generated by ERT algorithm always satisfies M {slanted equal to or less-than} (2-1/m)M′ + Ccomm, where M′ is the optimal makespan without considering communication delay and Ccomm is the maximum communication delay in one chain. We will also provide an algorithm to find this chain. The time complexity of implementing the ERT algorithm is O(mn2).

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期刊Operations Research Letters
出版狀態已出版 - 06 1988


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