Plasmon-enhanced optical bending and heating on V-shaped deformation of gold nanorod

Jiunn Woei Liaw*, Cheng Wei Huang, Mao Chang Huang, Mao Kuen Kuo


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The plasmon-enhanced optical bending and heating on the V-shaped deformation of a straight gold nanorod (GNR), irradiated by a linear polarized light at the longitudinal surface plasmon resonance, are studied theoretically to explain the finding in previous experiment. Multiple multipole method is employed to calculate the optical load and heating numerically, and an elastic beam model is used to analyze the bending moment and stress in the GNR theoretically. According to our analysis, we think, first, the plasmonic heating softens the GNR to reduce the yield strength of gold, and the non-uniform optical load induces a maximum bending moment at the middle cross section of a freestanding GNR. Then an irreversible breakpoint of the plastic hinge at the middle of GNR is developed to form a V-shaped GNR. The photothermal deformation of V-shaped GNR involving multidisciplinary interplay is worth for further investigation.

期刊Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing
出版狀態已出版 - 01 01 2018


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