Prolonged postprocedural outbreak of Mycobacterium massiliense infections associated with ultrasound transmission gel

A. Cheng, W. H. Sheng, Y. C. Huang, H. Y. Sun, Y. T. Tsai, M. L. Chen, Y. C. Liu, Y. C. Chuang, S. C. Huang, C. I. Chang, L. Y. Chang, W. C. Huang, P. R. Hsueh, C. C. Hung, Y. C. Chen*, S. C. Chang


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Postprocedural infections by Mycobacterium abscessus complex are increasing worldwide, and the source and route of transmission are infrequently identified. Here the extension of a previous clustering of paediatric patients with surgical site infections due to a single strain of the subspecies M. massiliense is reported. The investigation was conducted at a 2200-bed teaching hospital in Taiwan and included microbial surveillance of the environment (water, air, equipment and supplies) and a case-control study. We performed molecular identification and typing of the isolates by a trilocus sequencing scheme, confirmed by multilocus sequencing typing and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. We investigated 40 patients who developed postprocedure soft tissue or bloodstream infections by M. massiliense (TPE101) during a 3-year period. Thirty-eight patients were identified at hospital A, and one newborn and her mother were identified at hospital B (185 km from hospital A). A case-control study identified the association of invasive procedures (adjusted odds ratio, 9.13) and ultrasonography (adjusted odds ratio, 2.97) (both p <0.05) with acquiring the outbreak strain. Isolates from the cases and unopened bottles of ultrasound transmission gel were all of strain ST48 and indistinguishable or closely related by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. After replacement of contaminated gel, no new cases were detected during 18 months' follow-up. This investigation identified the use of contaminated gel as the common source causing an outbreak on a larger scale than had been recognized. Our findings halted production by the manufacturer and prompted revision of hospital guidelines.

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期刊Clinical Microbiology and Infection
出版狀態已出版 - 01 04 2016


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