The association between gallstone disease (GSD) and hip fracture: a nationwide population-based study

Cheng Jyh Lin, Chin Jung Hsu, Chih Hsiu Chen, Hei Tung Yip, Tun Yu Hung, Yang Yi Wang, Jih Yang Ko, Shu Jui Kuo*


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Objectives: Despite the high prevalence of gallstone disease (GSD), the shared risk factors of GSD and osteoporosis, and the known association between hip fracture and hepatobiliary diseases, the association between hip fracture and GSD is not currently clear. Therefore, we performed a nationwide population-based study to investigate the association between GSD and hip fracture to determine the impact of cholecystectomy on the risk of fracture. Methods: In this study, we assessed all subjects in the longitudinal health insurance database (LHID) between 2000 and 2011, excluding those subjects aged >20 years old and those with a previous history of hip fracture (ICD-9-CM 820). Among those that were included, subjects with at least two or more outpatient visits or with one record of hospitalization under the coding of GSD (ICD-9-CM code: 574) were allocated to the GSD cohort. The remaining subjects were designated to the control cohort. All participants were followed till the onset of hip fracture, withdrawal from the NHI, or the end of 2013. Results: We found that the cumulative incidence of hip fracture was higher in the GSD cohort than in the control cohort (log-rank test: p-value < 0.01). After adjustment, the GSD patients had a 1.21-fold risk of hip fracture compared to control subjects (aHR = 1.21, 95% CI = 1.21–1.30). Comparison between those subjects without GSD and those without cholecystectomy revealed that the risk of hip fracture was higher among GSD patients that had not undergone cholecystectomy (aHR = 1.17, 95% CI = 1.06–1.29) or those that had undergone cholecystectomy (aHR = 1.22, 95% CI = 1.06–1.41). Conclusion: Based upon these results, we concluded that GSD was associated with an increased risk of hip fracture regardless of whether the patient had undergone cholecystectomy.

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期刊Postgraduate Medicine
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