The role of TRPM7 in vascular calcification: Comparison between phosphate and uremic toxin

Chien Te Lee*, Hwee Yeong Ng, Wei Hung Kuo, You Lin Tain, Foong Fah Leung, Yueh Ting Lee


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Aims: Vascular calcification is a common complication in patients with chronic kidney disease and associated with increased morbidity and mortality. The role of TRPM7 in vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) transformation during vascular calcification is not clear. We aim to investigate the effects of phosphate and indoxyl sulphate on the expression of TRPM7 and calcification-related molecules in VSMC. Main methods: Human aortic smooth muscle cells (HASMC) were treated with phosphate (3.3 mM) or indoxyl sulphate (500 μM and 1000 μM). 2-APB, a channel blocker of TRPM7 was added simultaneously in blocking experiment. Cells were then examined grossly and alizarin red solution was employed for calcification assessment. Lastly, cells were harvested for gene expression and protein abundance analysis. Key findings: Phosphate treatment induced significant increase in BMP2, RUNX2, BMP7, vitamin D receptor (VDR), calcium sensing receptor (CaSR) and TRPM7, but 1-alpha hydroxylase, klotho, DKK1 and sclerostin were not changed. The addition of 2-APB prevented increase of BMP2, RUNX2, BMP7, VDR, CaSR and TRPM7. Indoxyl sulphate treatment was associated with decrease in TRPM7 and DKK1, but increase in RUNX2, BMP2 and VDR were noted. There were no significant alterations in BMP7, CaSR, klotho,1-alpha hydroxylase and sclerostin. Co-treatment with 2-APB reversed the increase in VDR. Significance: Both phosphate and indoxyl sulphate induced calcification in VSMC but it was more prominent in phosphate. TRPM7 was upregulated by phosphate but downregulated in indoxyl sulphate treatment. Vascular calcification was reduced by blocking TRPM7 with 2-APB and there was partial anti-calcification effect in indoxyl sulphate.

期刊Life Sciences
出版狀態已出版 - 01 11 2020


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